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Adson Cranial Rongeur

Adson Cranial Rongeur is ideally suited for use in neurosurgical procedures. This instrument features a 8.0 mm wide jaw that makes it suitable for grasping bony tissue or other dense tissue areas such as cartilidge. This rongeur is particularly well suited for procedures such as craniotomies that require increased access to brain tissue through the cranial bone or other cranial procedures. Additionally this ronger is available in three different profiles: straight, curved or rat tooth making it suitable for use in a variety of surgical scenarios and surgeon preferences.

Bacon Cranial Rongeur

Cranial Rongeur is a unique instrument crafted for use in neurosurgical procedures that require access to the brain tissue or other areas associated with it. This instrument can be used to chip away or create a window in the skull to create increased access so the surgical field. These rongeurs feature a 2.0 mm jaw width and are set at a slight angle that allows the handles to remain comfortable out of the surgical field and able to manipulate easily.

Bane Bone Rongeur

Bane Bone Rongeur is a specialized instrument made for manipulation of bone. It can be used to do tings like clip bone into smaller fragments or to chip or gnaw away at a particular areas of bone in repair of fractures or simply in increasing access to the surgical field. This instrument features jaws that are 5.0 mm wide and are curved which makes it better suited to mirror the contours of certain areas of the body.

Beyer Bone Rongeur – Double-Action

Beyer Bone Rongeur is an instrument that can be used specifically in the modification and handling of bone. This instrument is double-action and is curved giving it the ideal contour for working in many different areas of the body that mirror this curvature. The jaws of this instrument are slightly cup shapes which allows them added grip with bone as well as the ability to enlarge holes via scooping. This rongeur is available in two different jaw widths: 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm.

Beyer Bone Rongeur – Single-Action

Beyer Bone Rongeur is a uniquely designed instrument ideally suited for orthopedic surgeries. This rongeur features slender curved jaws that allow it to fit through smaller openings and into narrow areas without causing damage to the surround soft tissue areas. It is wells suited to grip and handle bone as well as for mild reshaping or cutting. Additionally this instrument is single action and is available in two sizes with 2.0 mm wide or 3.0 mm wide jaws.

Blumenthal Rongeur

Blumenthal Rongeur is a versatile instrument that is useful in a variety of surgical scenarios. This instrument is designed with jaws that can be used to grasp at bone or other hard tissue surfaces and chip or cut away at it. Under the manual control of surgeon it can be used to gnaw away at surfaces such as cartilage for remodeling during surgery. This particular instrument is available with beaks at 30, 45 or 90 degree angles making it uniquely able to grasp tissue in areas that are difficult to reach with other instruments.

Cicherelli Rongeur

Chicherelli Rongeur is a highly versatile instrument that is crafted for handling bone or other tough bone-like tissue layers. It is a pliers like instrument that can be used to grasp bone or more forcefully can be used to cut or chip away at the bone. Additionally it features rounded handles for ease in manual handling and operation as well as 3.5 mm bite making it well suited for smaller bones or bone fragments in a wide number of surgical procedures.

Cleveland Bone Cutting Forceps

Cleveland Bone Cutting Forceps are ideally suited for use in clipping bone. These forceps can be used for a variety of procedures that require cutting of the nasal bone or in procedures that require access to the orbit. In dealing with such delicate bone structures very precise and sharp instrumentation is necessary. Additionally these jaws are angled which allows them to access the surgical field while keeping the handle at an easy to access angle.

Cushing Rongeur

Cushing Rongeur is a highly versatile and specialized instrument ideally suited for use in surgeries that require manipulation of bone. This rongeur has wide applications in orthopedic surgeries as well as many others that require the clipping or reshaping of bone either to increase access to the surgical field or in closing up the surgical field and creating a smooth closure. This instrument features a 6.0 mm bite making it ideal for handling small bones and hard tissue and is available in either a curved or straight profile.

Dawson-Yuhl Rongeur Forceps

Dawson-Yuhl Rongeur Forceps are double action forceps suitable for many different orthopedic surgical procedures. This instrument is suitable for use as a forceps to handle bone by gripping it effectively but also can double as a rongeur that can be used to cut or modify the bone. Additionally this instrument is of a lempert-type and is straight and features a 4.0 mm jaw.

Dean Rongeur

Dean Rongeur is a highly versatile instrument that can be used in a variety of procedures that require handling of bone. This includes many orthopedic procedures in which initial incisions into bone or hard tissue need to be enlarged or when certain segments of bone need to be cut or slightly modified. This rongeur is particularly well suited for use with smaller bones as it features a 4.0 mm bite and has a slight curvature which allows it to mirror the curvature of certain body areas.

Echlin Duckbill Laminectomy Rongeur

Echlin Duckbill Laminectomy Rongeur is an instrument ideally suited for use in orthopedic neurosurgical procedures. It is specifically designed for used in procedure involving the spinal cord and its vertebrae. In a laminectomy the vertebral arch is removed by clipping it on either side and freeing that segment of the individual vertebrae. This rongeur features a duckbill profile that allows it to comfortably access the vertebral laminae and clip them without causing damage to the surrounding tissue areas. Additionally this instrument is available in three sized jaws 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 mm by 10.0 mm.