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Heparin Cannula

Heparin Cannula malleable, 3.7 mm tip, 2-1/8" (5.4 cm) Heparin Cannula has applications in a number of different clinical settings but can be particularly well suited for use in cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries. This instrument is made from stainless steel thus making it reusable and is ideally used for injection, flushing and irrigation. Additionally, this instrument is not rigid but malleable making it a highly versatile cannula that can be molded to fit the particular situation in which it is being used.

Heparin Needle

Heparin Needle Heparin Needle can be used in surgical procedures where it is necessary to inject dosages of heparin such as cardiothoracic surgery. This needle is hand-crafted by certified instrument makers to conform to the highest standards in instrumentation. Additionally, this needle is manufactured in a number of different conformations that vary in length but also that provide variation in the tip size and design giving enough range to accommodate a wide variety of different situations.

Intracardiac Suction Tube

Intracardiac Suction Tube detachable 9 mm wide tip, 11-1/4" (28.6 cm) overall length Cooley Intracardiac Suction Tube is designed for use in cardiothoracic surgical procedures. A unique feature of this suction tube is the detachable tip, this allows for this suction tube to me far more versatile than some other suction tubes that lack this detachability. Additionally, plastic tubing can be put inside this tube and can serve as a liner that can then be removed and disposed of.

Sump-Suction Tube

Sump-Suction Tube 7.5 mm wide tip, entire tube removable from handle, 13" (33.0 cm) working length Cooley Sump-Suction Tube is designed for fluid drainage in cardiothoracic surgeries. It is designed with a outer tube with perforations that extends internally to help extract fluid by a sump-drain mechanism. Additionally, this instrument is easily disassembled, the entire tube is removable from the handle, for ease in rotation for better positioning as well as cleaning. This instrument is available in two angle measures: thirty degrees as well as a 90 degree right angle.

Vascular Suction Tube

Vascular Suction Tube 6 mm wide tip, 11-1/2" (29.2 cm) overall length Cooley Vascular Suction Tube is ideally suited for use in cardiothoracic surgeries when chest drainage is necessary. This suction tube is manufactured from premium German grade stainless steel making this a reusable piece. This instrument comes with a slight angle in the tube to allow it to conform more easily to the contour of where it is being used.