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3K Round Knife Handle

beaver-type, round knurled handle, for mini blades 3K Round Knife Handle is a beaver-type that is intended to be used for microsurgical procedures to make smaller incisions. This knife handle is associated with the mini blade series 50, 60, and 70 and consists of a round, knurled gripping surface to contribute to a better hold and minimize the chance of slippage.

Barron Knife Handle

octagonal, for blades 10-15c, 5-1/2" (14.0 cm) Barron Knife Handle #3 is an octagonal shape that holds blades 10-15c. This pencil-shaped device is also tapered and provides the surgeon with increased control while making a precise incision. The octagonal design also is made for the tips of the fingers to direct the depth and course of the incision.

Kaye Lightweight Knife Handle

aluminum, cross-pin on proximal end shows blade orientation, for blades 10-15c, 6-1/8" (15.6 cm) Kaye Lightweight Knife Handle is 6 1/8" long and comprised of aluminum, which is a great contributor to its light weight. This knife handle also contains a round handle design that provides the surgeon with added control while making incisions in the body. Furthermore, surgical blades 10-15c can be held with this handle, and a cross-pin on the proximal end indicates the blade orientation.

Knife Handle

For blades 10-15c, 5" (12.7 cm) Knife Handle #3 is 5" long and can be used for blades 10-15c to make straight, long cuts in general surgical procedures. This knife handle is made of premium German stainless steel and is available with or without a scale. The handle has grooves to assist in a better grip and avoid slippage during surgery.

Knife Handle – Longer Sizes

For blades 10-15c, no scale, longer sizes Knife Handle #3 is designed for longer sizes and does not contain a scale. Additionally, a straight or angled tip is offered for deep surgery, and the handle contains grooves to assist in a better grip. A good grip is essential because it reduces the chance of slippage and minimizes the risk of damage to the area being cut.

Knife Handle #4

Extra fine, for blades 20-25, 5-3/8" (13.6 cm) Knife Handle #4 is an extra fine style that is used to accommodate surgical blades 20-25 to make long incisions in various surgical operations. The handle is flat and consists of ribbed grip areas to make for easier handling. Additionally, its 5 3/8" length is ideal for more shallow incisions.

Knife Handle #4L

Extra fine, for blades 10-15c, 4-1/2" (11.4 cm) Knife Handle #4L contains ridges and accommodates surgical blades 20-25 to form a scalpel used for dissection or to make incisions. Due to its 8 3/8" length, it is a popular style designed for deep surgery.

Knife Handle #7

For blades 10-15c, 6-1/2" (16.5 cm) Knife Handle #7 is more rounded in shape and contains a thin neck towards the top, similar to a writing pen. This handle is designed to hold blade sizes 10-15c and forms a scalpel once the pieces are attached. The knife, therefore, can be used in various surgical procedures to make incisions or dissect certain areas.

Knife Handle #9

Extra fine, for blades 10-15c, 4-1/2" (11.4 cm) Knife Handle #9 features a long indent on the side of the handle to assist in a better grip for the surgeon. The instrument accommodates surgical blades 10-15c, and is an extra fine version geared toward making light cutting or more shallow incisions.

Replacement Collet

replacement collet (for # 0128-50, # 0130-32l, # 0130-34, # 0130-36 Replacement Collet is a holding device that can be substituted on a certain type of knife handle if needed. This collet is able to hold mini blades from series 50, 60, and 70 on a 3K Round Knife Handle or a hexagonal Scalpel Handle that Novo Surgical individually supplies. Once the blade is secure, the surgeon is able to confidently make an incision.

Scalpel Handle

Hexagonal, for mini blades (series 50, 60, 70) Scalpel Handle is a hexagonal shape that is offered in two different lengths depending on the incision that needs to be made. This particular handle fits mini blades from series 50, 60 and 70, and is designed to make close or precise cuts. Even after frequent use, the high quality German stainless steel this instrument is comprised of will reduce the chance of rusting or corrosion.

Siegel (Corwin) Knife Handle

Round handle, for blades 10-15c, 5-3/4" (14.6 cm) Siegel (Corwin) Knife Handle is comprised of a #3 round handle and is used for blades 10-15c. The rounded and knurled handle provides the surgeon with a more comfortable grip and is available in a straight or angled shape according to the type of incision that needs to be made. Furthermore, the tapered tip on one end may also fucntion as a probe.