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Cone Skull Punch

9-1/2" (24.0 cm) Cone Skull Punch is ideally suited for use in a variety of neurosurgical procedures. It is specifically intended for use in punching holes through the patient's skull to allow access and fixation of bone flaps via the use of wires or other securing mechanisms. Additionally this punch can be used not only for the skull but also can be used in surgeries of the spinal column.

Crutchfield Skull Tongs

small pattern Crutchfield Skull Tongs are specialized tongs made for handling bony areas around delicate neural tissue. This instrument can be used to hyperextend and immobilize the head and neck to prevent further damage and trauma in patients suffering from a cervical vertebral injury. Used alongside a trephine or drill these tongs can be inserted into burr holes that have been drilled to aid in neurosurgical procedures that require precision and delicate handling of tissue.

Galt Trephines

Galt Trephines are ideally suited for use in neurosurgical procedures. This trephine is designed to help gain access to the brain which is within the bony skull. The trephine can be used to create holes to gain entry into this area in procedures such as craniotomies. This instrument features a solidly build shaft that features a t-type handle at one end that allows for effective rotating motion while the other end features a circular blade. Additionally this instrument is available in a wide array of sizes including 12.0 mm, 16.0 mm, 18.0 mm, 22.0 mm and 25.0 mm making it the perfect fit for a variety of patient needs and surgeon preferences.

Michele Trephines

graduated 1/4" to 1-1/4", shaft 6-1/4" (16.0 cm) Michele Trephines is an instrument crafted for use in removing circular bits of bone to increase access to specific areas. This type of instrumentation is ideally used in neurosurgical procedures such as craniotomies. This trephine features a long slim shaft that at one end features a T-shaped handle which allows for a rotating motion and at the other end a circular blade. This trephine is available gradated ¼" to 1 ¼" with a 6 ¼" shaft and is available in 5.0 mm od, 5.5 mm od and 8.0 mm od making it suitable for a vast array of surgical scenarios.

Raney-Crutchfield Skull Tongs

large pattern Raney-Crutchfield Skull Tongs are ideally suited for use in neurosurgical procedures. The tongs can be used to immobilize and hyperextend the head and neck of patients with cervical vertebral injury. This allow for the surgeon to operate without causing additionally trauma to the already damaged tissue and effectively operating in a very delicate neural tissue area. The prongs of these skull tongs can be inserted into burr holes made via drill or trephine.