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Babinski Percussion Hammer

Babinski Percussion Hammer 9" (23.0 cm) Babinski Percussion Hammer is ideally used in diagnostic evaluation of reflex responses. This uniquely designed hammer has a crown shaped head that is rimmed with rubber to allow greater comfort. This instrument features an elongated neck that flares for added grip and tapers back into a fine point for use as a aesthesiometer to test tactile reflexes.

Buck Neurological Hammer

Buck Neurological Hammer 7-3/4" (19.7 cm) Buck Neurological Hammer is ideally used for diagnostic evaluation of both myotatic as well as cutaneous reflex responses. The Buck hammer features a double sided mallet head composed of two rubber tips of varied size for optimal control and precision.

Dejerine Percussion Hammer

Dejerine Percussion Hammer 9-1/2" (24.1 cm) Dejerine Percussion hammer is ideally used for testing of deep tendon reflexes in a diagnostic evaluation. The Dejerine style hammer features a double-sided head composed of two rounded rubber surfaces for increased patient comfort. This hammer includes a slim neck that flares into a wider handle for improved gripping.

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape graduated in inches & cm up to 150.0 cm Measuring Tape comes in a retractable circular disc shaped container. This measuring tape can be useful in a variety of different diagnostic roles such as measurement of total height to head circumference. A quality piece of measuring equipment like this one is a must have for any diagnostician. It comes graduated in inches and centimeters up to 150 cm.

Polk Finger Goniometer

Polk Finger Goniometer graduated in mm & inches, 6" (15.2 cm) Polk Finger Goniometer is ideally used for precise measurement of phalangeal, interphalangeal and metacarpal joint angles. This instrument can be used to measure an initial range of motion as to be compared to a subsequent range of motion. This goniometer is graduated in both millimeters as well as inches.

Rabiner Neurological Hammer

Rabiner Neurological Hammer 9" (22.9 cm) Rabiner Neurological Hammer is designed for usage in diagnostic evaluation of neurological function. This hammer features a unique crown shaped head that enables it to be used in positions both perpendicularly as well as parallel to its shaft. Additionally this instrument features a pointed tip for pinprick testing.

Taylor Percussion Hammer

Taylor Percussion Hammer solid handle Taylor Percussion Hammer is ideally used for general diagnostic evaluation of deep tendon reflexes. The Taylor or tomahawk style hammer is distinguishable by its triangular head which provides one end which is pointed and another that is wider. This solid handled hammer is available in two sizes of varied length to accommodate adult and pediatric patients.

Wartenberg Neurological Pin Wheel

Wartenberg Neurological Pin Wheel 7" (17.8 cm) Wartenberg Neurological Pin Wheel is designed for use in eliciting nerve reactions and testing sensitivities as it is rolled across the skin. This uniquely designed instrument features a wheel with evenly spaced spokes which can be rolled across the skin with varied pressure and speed. The handle is slightly offset at an angle to allow optimal maneuverability while maintaining an even pressure on varied anatomical locations.

X-Ray Scale

X-Ray Scale graduated in mm, 19-3/4" (50.0 cm) X-Ray Scale is graduated in millimeters and ideal for taking measurements of medical imaging.