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Allen-Schiotz Tonometer

w/ 3 weights (5.5, 7.5 & 10.0 grams), plunger, footplate & test block Allen-Schoitz Tonometer is a unique tool used in a variety of ophthalmologic procedures. The tool may be used to estimate the scleral rigidity or the resistance to stretch of the outer tunic of the eyeball. The resistance is measured using the three different weights provided combined with an atraumatic footplate.

Eye Magnet

w/ foreign body loop Eye Magnet is a novel tool for removing foreign objects from the eye. The magnet is designed to remove fragments of metal lodged in the superficial eye. The instrument features a double-ended design, including a foreign body loop used to encircle the object for extraction.

Fox Eye Sheild

aluminum Fox Eye Shield is a commonly used tool to protect an unoperated eye in both ophthalmologic and various other surgeries. The shield is typically applied to the eye after sterile gauze and alcohol have been draped across the lid surface. Care should be taken that no eyelashes have been turned under during the procedure as to not cause excess irritation.

Fox Sphere Introducer & Holder

4-7/8" (12.4 cm)Sphere Introducer & Holder is a tool of choice when performing enucleation procedures. The instrument can be use to grip the globe prosthetic and introduce it into the orbital cavity for future securing. An adjustable raking mechanism on the handle allows for grip control with different sized prosthetics.