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Adson Aneurysm Needle

9" (23.0 cm) Adson Aneurysm Needle is an instrument crafted for use in a variety of different procedures. Specifically it is long thin, probe type instrument that features a slight curvature at the end. Additionally it features a blunt-point with an eye that allows for ligatures to be passed behind aneuryms or vessels in surgery. The specialize design of this needle prevents tearing or trauma to the aneurysm as the needle is passed by it to prevent any further bleeding.

Adson Sharp Knife

hollow handle, 8" (20.0 cm) Adson Sharp Knife can be used in a variety of surgical procedures that require quick and effective cutting. Specifically procedures of the brain or spinal cord and nerves are suitable for cutting with this knife. The more precise the initial incision the less trauma to surrounding tissue and quicker the healing process. Additionally this instrument features a hollow handle which makes it lighter and easier to handle manually and superior to other similar instruments in procedures such as cordotomies.

Bucy Cordotomy Knife

1/2" (6.0 mm) blade, 6-1/2" (16.5 cm)Bucy Cordotomy Knife is specifically designed for use in cordotomy procedures. The precise cutting abilities of this knife make it an ideal choice for incisions of nervous tissue and of the cord itself. In cordotomies, patients that are suffering from often chronic pain undergo a surgical procedure that severs portions of the spinal cord involved in transmission of pain. Additionally this knife is available in four different designs including forward and backward cutting and right and left cutting.

Charriere Bone Saw – 10 1/2″

stainless steel frame Charriere Bone Saw is designed to cut through bone. It is particularly well suited for use cutting bones of a larger diameter such as the thigh which cannot be cut through with more delicate instrumentation. This saw features a loop style handle from which extends a large blade making this instrument manually operable. Both the frame and blade are crafted from stainless steel making them durable and long lasting.

Charriere Bone Saw – 14″

stainless steel frame, w/ 2 blades Charriere Bone Saw is ideally suited for use in orthopedic surgical procedures that require cutting through bone. It is specifically designed to cut through larger diameter bone such as in the thigh or other areas where more delicate instrumentation would not be sufficient. This saw features a loop handle affixed to a U shaped body across which extends a blade which is available in either 12.0 mm or 14.0 mm. Additionally this instrument is available with two blades and a complete set or individually with either of the two blade widths.

Downing Cartilage Knife

concave edge, curved blade, 10" (25.5 cm) Downing Cartilage Knife is ideally suited for manipulation of cartilage. A vast array of surgical interventions require a cartilage knife. It can be used to cleanly cut through cartilage which reduces trauma to surrounding areas as well as decreasing the healing time for the patient. This knife features a concave edge and a curved blade and measures 10" long.

Frazier Cordotomy Knife

forward cutting, 6-1/2" (16.5 cm) Frazier Cordotomy Knife is ideally suited for cordotomy/chordotomy procedures. A chordotomy is a surgical procedures that is performed in patients that has severe pain and involves accessing and manipulating the spinal cord. In some cordotomies a laminectomy is also performed for increased access to the cord. This knife is designed for forward cutting and makes effective cuts that reduce trauma to surrounding tissue areas while effectively disabling some pain-conducting tracts.

Gigli (Olivecrona) Wire Saw

standard, twisted wire type Gigli or Olivecrone Wire Saw is a multi=purpose instrument that can be used in a wide variety of surgical scenarios. This saw is highly flexible making it suitable for procedures such as amputation as well as other areas where a smooth and consistent cutting motion is required. This saw is of a standard design and is of the twisted wire type. It is available in five different lengths 12", 15.75", 20" and 27.5" making it suitable for many different patient needs and surgeon preferences.

Gigli Loop Wire Saw Handle

standard pattern, loop grip, rigid, supplied in pairsGigli Loop Wire Saw Handle is an accessory that can be utilized alongside a Gigli Saw. This instrumentation is ideally suited for use in amputation procedures that require a smooth and consistent cutting motion to provide the smoothest finish. Additionally this instrument is made in a standard pattern and has a loop grip is rigid and is supplied in pairs.

Gigli Solid Wire Saw Handle

standard pattern, t-shaped, supplied in pairsGigli Solid Wire Saw Handle is ideally suited for use alongside a Gigli saw. The gigli saw and associated accessories are used in amputation procedures that require smooth and consistent cutting motion to ensure a smooth cut across the bone. This instrument is of a standard pattern and is t-shaped. Additionally this handle is supplied in pairs.

Gigli-Struly Wire Saw Handle

t-shaped, supplied in pairs, w/ snap lock Gigli-Struly Wire Saw Handle is suitable for use coupled with the Gigli saw. This is a flexible type saw that require addition instrumentation for handling in a variety of scenarios. This particular handle is crafted to be tshaped. Additionally it is available in two different builds either the rigid type or the turnable type. In both cases this handle is supplied in pairs and comes with a snap lock.

Langenbeck Metacarpal Saw

11.4 cm wide, 9" (22.9 cm) Langenbeck Metacarpal Saw is ideally suited for use in hand surgeries such as repair of fractures. The metacarpals are often the site of injuries from trauma such as falling or in motor vehicle crashes or other events that can cause breakage and fracture. The metacarpal saw is specifically designed to cut through these smaller bones cleanly and effectively. Additionally this instrument is 9" long and 11.4 cm giving it the appropriate dimensions for manipulation of the bones of the hand.