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Bishop Bone Holding Forceps

Bishop Bone Holding Forceps adjustable jaw Bishop Bone Holding Forceps are ideally suited for use in orthopedic surgical procedures. This instrument is uniquely designed for procedures such as fracture repair or bone reduction that require a firm grasps on a bone in a particular orientation. It aids in alignment of bone segments through a procedures without slipping or movement to ensure accuracy. Additionally these forceps feature and adjustable jaw that gives it increased versatility making it suitable to almost any surgical scenario.

Bone Clamp

Bone Clamp curved, extra long ratchet, 5-3/4" (14.5 cm) Bone Clamp is a versatile surgical instrument that can be used in a vast array of surgeries. It can be used in seismoidectomy procedures to grasp the small sesamoid bone or it can be used in simple grasping of long bones to aid in alignment. It features curve blades that allow it to dip into the surgical field while allowing the handle of the instrument to remain out of the surgical field. Additionally this clamp features an extra long ratchet that further increases its versatile and widths it can be set at.

Bone Clamp (Reposition Forceps)

Bone Clamp (Reposition Forceps) extra long ratchet, curved, 5-1/8" (13.0 cm) Bone Clamp is a general purpose clamp also referred to a reposition forceps for use in variety of procedures that require clamping and handling of bone. This instrument can be used when there has been a fracture to a bone and there are fragments that need to be removed but also in procedures that require alignment of bone segments and resetting. A unique feature of this clamp is the extra long ratchet that gives it an increased spectrum of widths as well as a slight curvature which allows it to be contoured to the bone shafts.

Bone Holding Forceps

Bone Holding Forceps delicate, straight, 2x2 teeth, 5.0 mm wide, 7-7/8" (20.0 cm) Bone Holding Forceps are a general purpose instrument that can be used in many different surgical procedures that require manipulation of bone. These forceps are specifically designed for use in handling delicate bones such as smaller phalangeal and metacarpal bones that require a small circumference tool. Additionally it features 2x2 teeth that allow it to effectively grip the bone without causing puncture to the bone itself.

Bone Reduction Forceps

Bone Reduction Forceps - 1 Tip Step Pointed, Curved 1 tip step pointed, curved Bone Reduction forceps are a must have in any orthopedic surgical procedures. They can be used in a vast array of bone reduction surgeries in which the bone has to be realigned or a fracture is approximated or a portion of splintered bone is removed from the surgical field. This instrument features 1 tip step pointed as well as a slight curvature that gives it the ideal contour for working in and around bony tissue areas. This forceps is available in two lengths 5.25" and 6.75".

Bone Reduction Forceps

Bone Reduction Forceps - 2" Ratchet 2" ratchet allows opening jaws to 4", 8" (20.0 cm) Bone Reduction Forceps are an ideal addition to any operating procedures. These forceps are crafted for use in grasping bone to aid in realignment and setting of fractures and breaks. The most unique aspect of this particular instrument is that it features a 2" ratchet which allows the jaws to open to 4" making it able to fit a vast array of surgical scenarios where other instrumentation would not suffice.

Bone Reduction Forceps

Bone Reduction Forceps - Curved Jaws, Speed Lock curved jaws, speed lock Bone Reduction Forceps are specially designed for use in surgeries that require manipulation of bone. Specifically these forceps features a curved jaw with some serrations that make it well suited for use in gripping bone. They can aid in approximation of bones in setting and alignment of fractures as well as any other manipulation of bone that require a firm grasp and hold. Additionally these forceps have a speed lock and is available in either 7" or 9" to satisfy any particular patient need or surgeon preference.

Bone Reduction Forceps

Bone Reduction Forceps - Jaws Slightly Curved jaws slightly curved, 5-1/2" (14.0 cm) Bone Reduction Forceps is a highly versatile instrument made for use in orthopedic surgeries that require alignment and manipulation of bone. This forceps comes equipped with ring handles for ease in manual operation as well as a ratcheting mechanism that allows the surgeon to set it at any particular width. Additionally there is a slight curvature to the jaws and measuring at 5.5" long this instrument can easily fit into small spaces and smaller sized bones.

Bone Reduction Forceps

Bone Reduction Forceps - Pointed Tips W/ Serrations, Curved pointed tips w/ serrations, curved Bone Reduction Forceps are ideal for surgeries to restore fractures in bone or to realign dislocations. This forceps has pointed tips and serrations that increase its ability to explore deeply in tissue as well as to maintain grasp of the bone during manipulation. It also features a curvature that allows it to be better fit to the contour of the bone. Additionally this instrument is available in 5" or 5.5" to suit the specific surgical scenario or surgeon preferences.