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Ball Nerve Hook

Ball Nerve Hook Ball Nerve Hook is ideally used in cardiothoracic surgical procedures involved in manipulating regions close to or involving nerves. This hook is uniquely designed to manipulate nerves without causing bruising or damage. It is particularly useful in mobilizing nerves because the ball tip allow control in moving the nerves without causing tension leading to tears in this very delicate tissue. This instrument is available in long or short to accommodate a number of different surgical scenarios.

In-Situ Bypass Hook

In-Situ Bypass Hook angled, 7" (17.5 cm) In-Situ Bypass Hook is a surgical instrument ideally used in cardiothoracic surgical bypass procedures. This instrument comes equipped with a handle specifically designed for handling so it provides optimal maneuverability while maintaining precision. It features a long thin shaft that ends with the bypass hook which is set at a slight angle to optimize its functionality in operating conditions. Additionally, the hooked end comes in two variations: a 2 mm rounded tip or a 3 mm ball tip to accommodate a variety of surgical situations and surgeon preferences.