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Saalfield Comedone Extractor

Saalfield Comedone Extractor w/ acne lancet Saalfield Comedone Extractor features a spoon-shaped extractor at one end and an acne lancet at the other to open the heads of pimples prior to extraction. The instrument is ideal for treatment of acne, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. The textured handle allows for easy gripping. The Saalfield Comedone Extractor comes in varying lengths to accommodate a wide range of cases.

Schamberg Comedone Extractor

Schamberg Comedone Extractor Schamberg Comedone Extractors features looped ends for treatment of blemishes. The loop applies even pressure to the surrounding skin to safely squeeze out the contents of the blemish. Schamberg Comedone Extractors are available with a variety of loops to accommodate a wide variety of blemishes.

Unna Comedone Extractor

Unna Comedone Extractor spoon ends, 5-3/4" (14.6 cm) Unna Comedone Extractor is a double-ended instrument with round or oval spoon ends used to treat blackheads, pimples, and comedones. Made from premium German stainless steel.

Walton (Hallack) Comedone Extractor

Walton (Hallack) Comedone Extractor double-ended, 5.0 mm wide, 6" (15.2 cm) Walton (Hallack) Comedone Extractor features a fenestrated cup at one end and a curved lancet at the other. The lancet is used to open the heads of comedones prior to extraction by the cup. Made with premium German stainless steel.