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Bone Chip Packer

Bone Chip Packer 10" (25.0 cm)Bone Chip Packer is an instrument designed to be used in a variety of orthopedic procedures. Specifically it can be used to pack in and solidify bone chips in fracture repair or other bone repair procedures. This instrument is available in three sizes including 2 mm x 9 mm, 6 mm x 9 mm and 3 mm by 16 mm.

Bone Tamp

Bone Tamp w/ cross serrated tip, 6" (15.0 cm) Bone Tamp is a unique instrument designed for use in neurosurgical procedures, specifically spinal procedures. This tamp also features a cross serrated tip. A fracture or a compression to any portion of the vertebral column can cause injury to the spinal cord and the tamp can be used to prevent this. A bone tamp can be inserted in the vertebral canal and support the piece of bone until it can be permanently set into place. Additionally this instrument can be used in other minor reshaping or fracture or damaged bone and is available in nine different diameters making it suitable for a vast array of neurosurgical scenarios.

Cloward Style Graft Impactor

Cloward Style Graft Impactor double-ended, 7/16" (11.0 mm) & 9/16" (14.0 mm) diameter, 8-3/4" (22.5 cm) Clower Style Graft Impactor is a unique instrument designed for specific use in bone surgeries that require grafting. This impactor is ideally suited for packing bone graft material effectively into the space where it is placed to minimize any movement after the procedure is completed. Additionally this instrument is double ended and features two different diameters 11 mm and 14 mm making it highly customizable and fit for any patient scenarios or surgeon preferences.

Lumbar & Cervical Impactor/Graft Drivers undefined

Lumbar & Cervical Impactor/Graft Drivers Lumbar and Cervical Impactor/Graft Driver is a highly versatile instrument that can be used in neurosurgical procedures that require manipulation of bone, specifically lumbar and cervical vertebrae. This instrument is designed for use in reinforcing and impacting bone grafts that are done and is especially well suited for use in the unique shape of lumbar and cervical vertebrae. This impactor features a no slip handle and features nine different heads making it highly customizable and a good fit for almost any procedure.