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Farabeuf Raspatory

Farabeuf Raspatory adult, 8-1/4" (21.0 cm) Alexander Farabeuf Raspatory is ideally used in some cardiothoracic surgeries. The double headed designed makes this a highly versatile tool with one slightly mallet shaped end and another that is chisel shaped. Between the two heads the instrument increases in thickness to form a handle for easy manipulation and it is available in an adult size.

Haight Periosteal Elevator

Haight Periosteal Elevator 9-1/4" (23.5 cm) Cameron-Haight Periosteal Elevator is commonly used to elevate layers of soft tissue from the underlying bone. This instrument is ideally suited for use in cardiothoracic procedures for example in thoracic outlet syndrome surgery to protect the vasculature near the first rib. This elevator is double headed with one end featuring a chiseled sharp tip for scraping away near to bone while the opposing end is more rounded and less sharp for more delicate manipulation of soft tissue.

Overholt Periosteal Elevator

Overholt Periosteal Elevator double-ended Matson-Alexander Rib Stripper is an ideal instrument for cardiothoracic surgical procedures that require approaches that necessitate rib stripping. The c-shaped head is contoured to the curvature of a rib making it the most effective tool for rib stripping. The opposite end has a more rounded narrow head for rib elevation. This instrument also features a sturdily build handle with grooves to increase gripping.  


Periosteotome pediatric size, 6" (15.2 cm) Alexander Periosteotome is used in cardiothoracic surgical procedures. The unique double headed design of this instrument allows it to be multi-functional and useful in a variety of surgical maneuvers. One end is shaped like a small mallet while the other is slightly chisel shaped with a rough ridged surface. This instrument can be used when it is necessary to remove periosteium, the tissue overlying bone which contains all of the nervous and vascular supply. Additionally, this instrument is designed for pediatric use.

Rib Raspatory

Rib Raspatory double-ended, 11-3/8" (29.0 cm) Davidson-Alexander Rib Raspatory is commonly utilized in some cardiothoracic procedures. It features two scoop shaped heads, one small and one large, on opposing ends of the instrument. This raspatory can be useful in procedures where surgical approaches require entry through regions where it is necessary to go through the ribs or to enlarge certain openings to allow easier access to the surgical field.

Rib Raspatory

Rib Raspatory double-ended, elevator blade 15.0 mm wide, stripper end 22.0 mm wide, 8-3/4" (22.0 cm) Lebsche Sternal Chisel is an instrument commonly used in cardiothoracic procedures specifically in procedures involving splitting the sternum. This chisel is ideally used in a midline sternotomy where it is necessary to make an incision and create a split down the midline of the sternum. The chisel shaped instrument can be hit with a driving force such as a mallet to generate the power needed to split the bone.

Rib Stripper

Rib Stripper 8-3/4" (22.2 cm) Matson Rib Raspatory is ideally used in some cardiothoracic surgical procedures where is it necessary to strip the rib bones. The matson raspatory is a double-ended multi-purpose tool. One end is slightly C-shaped and allows for a wider stripping surface while the other end is slightly narrower and can be used for elevation purposes. The double-headed nature of this instrument makes it a highly versatile and multi-functional tool in the operating room.

Semb Raspatory

Semb Raspatory Overholt Periosteal Elevator is commonly used in cardiothoracic surgical procedures but can also have wide applications because of its highly versatile design. This elevator is used mainly to elevate soft tissue from underlying bone to protect the vasculature and nerves that run in these tissues layers. This instrument is double headed with one flatter pointed head for scraping while the other is a duller, rounded head for gentle handle of delicate tissue. This tool is available in three different models.

Sternal Chisel

Sternal Chisel 10" (25.4 cm) Doyen Rib Raspatory is uniquely designed for use in cardiothoracic surgeries. This raspatory has a bulb shaped handle from which a slightly spiraled hook shape extends. This blade like portion can be used to scrape away at an individual rib which can be necessary in certain nephrectomy approaches. This instrument comes in either left or right handed as well as in adult or pediatric sizes to be suitable for each individual patients needs.