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Brand Tendon Grasping Forceps

Brand Tendon Grasping Forceps 7" (17.8 cm) Brand Tendon Grasping Forceps are ideally suited for use in surgeries of the tendon. Procedures such as patellar tendon repair or a tendon graft in any other area of the body. This instrument features ring handles that allow for ease in manual operation. It also features a ratchet mechanism that can be set at particular widths to aid in grasping and keeping hold of a tendon so that it can be manipulating without losing grip.

Brand Tendon Stripper

Brand Tendon Stripper round head Brand Tendon Stripper is a crafted for use in alteration of tendon diameter in a variety of orthopedic procedures. Many procedures such a repair of tendons of the hand to restore function or reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament can benefit from this instrument. Additionally this stripper can be a key instrument in tendon grafting procedures as well as in modification during repair. This instrument features a round head and is available in a 3.0 to 6.0 mm diameter.

Bunnell Dissecting Probe

Bunnell Dissecting Probe angular tip, 5-1/2" (14.0 cm) Bunnell Dissecting Probe is crafted for use in exploration during orthopedic surgery. It features a handle that taper at one end and features a pointed, slightly angular tip at the other. It can be used to explore areas that features many different types of tissue such as in the hand to navigate around the layers and access the areas of layers in question such as the tendons. This probe is hand crafted by certified instrument makers to conform to the highest standards in instrumentation.

Bunnell Tendon Passer & Probe

Bunnell Tendon Passer & Probe malleable, 5.0 mm diameter Bunnell Tendon Passer and Probe is a versatile instrument ideally suited for use in orthopedic surgical procedures. It is a malleable instrument that is designed to deliver tendons to the area where they are needed. This can be useful in procedures such as repair of tendons in the hand in which it is necessary to guide the tendon through the lumbrical canal and navigate other crucial areas with the tendon. This instrument doubles as a probe and can be used in general exploration of areas before using it to guide a tendon. This instrument is available in either 7.25" or 9" making it suitable for a variety of patient needs and surgeon preferences.

Bunnell Tendon Stripper

Bunnell Tendon Stripper round, 6" (15.0 cm) Bunnell Tendon Stripper is a specialized instrument crafted for use in orthopedic surgical procedures. This instrument is designed to strip down or whittle down tendons to an appropriate size. This can be useful in tendon graft procedures or in other surgical interventions of the tendons that require for the diameter of it to be stepped down. Additionally this instrument is available in a range of sizes from 2.0 – 7.0 mm diameter making it adequate for any patient need or surgeon preference.

Capsule Scissors

Capsule Scissors angled, 9-1/2" (24.0 cm) Capsule Scissors are a versatile instrument ideally suited for use in orthopedic surgical procedures of the joints. It is specially designed for use in handle and cutting the capsule of joints. This makes this instrument useful in a variety of procedures involving the shoulder, knee or other joint areas of the body that have a capsule. The sharp tips of these scissors allows a clean and effective cut and the angle at which the jaws are set allow them to access deeper more difficult to reach regions.

Caroll Tendon Pulling Forceps

Caroll Tendon Pulling Forceps curved shaft, alligator type, 2.0 mm x 8.0 mm serrated jaws, 5-1/2" (14.0 cm) overall length Caroll Tendon Pulling Forceps are ideally suited for use in orthopedic procedures. Specifically they can be used to repair torn or disconnected tendons or can be used to keep a hold of a tendon as a muscle is being manipulated throughout surgery. This forceps can be used in procedures such as tendon transfer of the hand to regain lost hand function or to repair a complete tear of the patellar tendon. This instrument features a curved shaft with serrated jaws and is of the alligator type which gives it unparalleled reach for accessing tendon in a variety of locations.

Fischer Tendon Stripper

Fischer Tendon Stripper round, 4.0 mm inner diameter, 12-1/8" (31.0 cm) Fischer Tendon Stripper is a unique instrument ideally suited for use in procedures that require modification of the diameter of a tendon. This can be used in surgeries such a repair and reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament or the plantaris tendon. This instrument can be pushed up the tendon in quick motions while the tendon itself is kept taut to resize it. Additionally this instrument has a round opening and a 4.0 mm diameter as well as a ribbed grip that allows optimal hold.

Hoen Grasping Forceps

Hoen Grasping Forceps serrated, 1x2 teeth, 5-1/2" (14.0 cm) Hoen Grasping Forceps are a uniquely designed instrument that can be used in a variety of surgical procedures. This instrument has jaws that are set at an angle to the ring handles that allows the jaws to be parallel to the body or site of grasping while the handle is able to remain comfortably out of the field of surgery. The jaws of these forceps are serrated and feature 1x2 teeth which further aids in their ability to grasp many different tissue layers and surfaces.

Kleinert-Kutz Tendon Retriever

Kleinert-Kutz Tendon Retriever flexible serrated jaws w/ 1x2 teeth, shaft length of 5-1/8" (13.0 cm) Kleiner-Kutz Tendon Retriever is a uniquely designed instrument for use in grasping tendons from a distance and moving them or pulling them through an already made incisions. This instrument features a shaft that is 5 1/8 " long that is very slim making it able to fit through very small areas. Additionally the jaws are flexible and serrated with 1x2 teeth that allows it to clamp onto tissue areas as they are manipulated without causing damage but effectively keeping them within its hold. This instrument is available in two sizes: small with a shaft diameter of 2.0 cm and large with a shaft diameter of 2.5 mm.

Larsen Tendon Forceps

Larsen Tendon Forceps 4" (10.2 cm) Larsen Tendon Forceps are a specialized instrument made for use in orthopedic surgeries. These forceps have a tweezer profile that features a ribbed middle section that allows for effective gripping and maintenance of hold. Additionally at the end each of the prongs is a crescent shaped jaw area that can be used to fit around the circumference of a tendon and grip it most effectively. These forceps are available in three widths 2.0 mm, 4.0 mm and 5.0 mm making it highly versatile and useful in a variety of tendon surgeries ranging from the Achilles to the tendons of the hand.

Martin Cartilage Clamp

Martin Cartilage Clamp Martin Cartilage Clamp is a highly versatile instrument that can be used in variety of orthopedic procedures. Specifically it is designed to be used with cartilage and thus is more gentle than something crafted for use with bone. This clamp is ideal for procedures such as meniscus repair and other surgical repairs of torn cartilage. The ring handle grip as well as the zig-zag design of the teeth making this instrument easy to manipulate manually while keeping a sturdy grip on the cartilage. Additionally it is available in three lengths: 6.25", 7.25" and 8".