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Bailey Gigli Saw Guide

13" (33.0 cm) Gigli Saw Guide is an instrument specifically designed for use alongside a Gigli saw which is preferred in amputation procedures. The Gigli saw is flexible and thus needs a guide to keep it aligned to the area where the incision and cutting is taking place. This instrument is ideally used in amputation procedures in which a smooth and consistent cutting motion is required. Additionally this guide is 13" long.

Beeson Plaster Spreader

11-3/4" (30.0 cm) Beeson Plaster Spreader is crafted for use in removal of plaster casts after the healing process or to check how a fracture site is healing over time. Specialized equipment is necessary for handling plaster because it can otherwise dull inappropriate tools. This spreader is 11.75" long and features slightly beveled jaws that makes it able to slip slightly under the plaster to give it a proper angle for effective separation.

Engel Plaster Saw

stainless blade, 6" (15.0 cm) Engel Plaster Saw is ideally suited for use in cutting plaster. This can be particularly useful in cutting through casts that have been set in bone fracture repair. A variety of orthopedic surgical procedures require the placement of a plaster cast to set the bones in the proper orientation while the healing process takes place. The saw is crafted from stainless steel and is specifically designed to effectively cut through this material without dulling the blade.

Esmarch Plaster Knife

metal handle, 7-1/8" (18.0 cm) Esmarch Plaster Knife is ideally suited for cutting through plaster. This is specifically needed in cast removal. In order to ensure a bone will effectively heal there is an optimal angle at which it needs to set and a cast can be used to achieve this orientation temporarily during the healing process. At the end of this it is necessary to remove the plaster cast and this can e accomplished with the use of a variety of tools including this plaster knife which features a strong and study metal handle.

Henning Plaster Spreader

serrated, 11" (28.0 cm) Henning Plaster Spreader is an instrument that can be used to aid in the process of cast removal. A variety of orthopedic and other surgical procedures such as fracture repair require for the bone to be in a specific alignment as it heals and this can be accomplished via a plaster cast. Removal of this cast requires specific equipment suited for manipulating this material such as this spreader with a serrated edge which can be inserted after a saw cut has been made to spread that cut apart further to allow instrumentation to remove the cast.

Reiner Cast Knife

metal handle, 3.8 cm wide, 7" (18.0 cm)Reiner Cast Knife is crafted for use in a variety of scenarios, usually post-operative. In order to keep the bone in the orientation that is required during the healing process often repaired fractures of the arm and leg are often placed in a cast. The cast can be made from a plaster material that requires a serrated edge specifically designed to cut through it as can be found in this cast knife. Additionally this instrument is 7" long and features a metal handle.

Stille Plaster Shears

Stille-Plaster Shears are ideally suited for use in removal of plaster casts. These types of casts are used post-operative to set bone into the optimal position for quickest and most effective healing. When it comes time to remove these casts specializes equipment is required that is designed to be used with such material. These shears feature rounded handles that make it comfortable and easy to grip and manipulate manually. This instrument is available in three lengths 9", 10.25" and 15" making it suitable for removing casts of a variety of different sizes.

Walton Cast Spreader

3 prong, serrated jaws, w/ spring action for one-hand operation, 9" (23.0 cm) Walton Cast Spreader is an instrument designed to aid in the removal of casts. This spreader can be used to split apart the edges of the cast after it is cut with the saw. A variety of orthopedic style procedures require the use of a cast to hold the bones in the proper orientation to facilitate healing in the appropriate orientation. Cast spreaders are an effective instrument that maintains an appropriate separation in the edges of the cast to facilitate removal without causing injury to the patient. This instrument features three prongs and serrated jaws with spring action for one-handed operation.

Wolfe-Boehler Plaster Breaker

deep jaw serrations Wolff-Boehler Plaster Breaker is an instrument that features deep jaw serrations making it specifically designed for creating force to break through a cast that has been set with plaster. A variety of surgical procedures, specifically those that are intended to repair fractures necessitate that the bones are maintained in a specific alignment as they heal. In order to do this particular regions are set in plaster casts and when it comes time for removal this breaker can effectively aid in that process. This instrument is available in two lengths 8" and 9.5".