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Bullet (Cone) Tip Tunneler

Bullet (Cone) Tip Tunneler slightly curved w/ removable tip Bullet Cone Tip Tunneler is offered in a variety of lengths and features a curved shaft with removable tip. Ideal for tunneling in cardiothoracic procedures.

Bypass Tunneler

Bypass Tunneler slightly malleable stainless steel shaft w/ olive tip, 21-1/4" (54.0 cm), 21-1/4" (54.0 cm) Debakey Bypass Tunneler is unique designed for by-pass operations by cardiothoracic surgeons. It is designed with a slightly malleable stainless steel shaft that includes a handle at one end and an olive ended tip on the other. This instrument can be used in surgical by-pass procedures by inserting the blunt end through one incision and the graft to the olive tip and then retracting it back through thus connecting the two incisions by bringing the graft through.

Crawford-Cooley Tunneler

Crawford-Cooley Tunneler 40.0 cm long tube, 12.0 mm id, 18" (46.0 cm) Crawford-Cooley Tunneler is a specialized surgical instrument utilized in cardiothoracic surgeries. This tunneler is commonly used for insertion of grafts and aids in maintain the graft in an untwisted position throughout placement and especially during removal of the tube. The graft can be attached to the tip and then be pulled through the tube leaving the placed graft.

Tunneling Forceps

Tunneling Forceps 14" (35.5 cm) Hallman Tunneling Forceps are ideally suited for use in cardiothoracic surgical procedures. These forceps are double-action, featuring cross-serrated jaws, ideal for use in femoral artery replacement.