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Adson Suction Tube

Adson Suction Tube w/ finger cut-off, curved Adson Suction Tube contains a finger cut-off valve to place rest the finger on and a grip handle for a better hold. This instrument is available in several different French measurements on a 5" or 8" working length. The intended purpose of this suction tube with a slightly curved tip is to remove any excess liquids or fluids that are present on the surgical site. In this way, the surgeon may have a clear view of the area being operated.

Coakley Antrum Trocars

Coakley Antrum Trocars w/ cannula & irrigating extension, strong curve, 6-1/4" (15.9 cm) Coakley Antrum Trocars serves the purpose of withdrawing fluid from a part of the body, such as the sinuses. A cannula and irrigating extension are offered with the trocars to further assist the process. This instrument is protected by the Surgical manufacturer warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.

Cooley Graft Suction Tube

Cooley Graft Suction Tube 8.0 mm wide round perforated tip, 7" (17.8 cm) working length, 12" (30.5 cm) overall length Cooley Graft Suction Tube is a popular instrument used in various surgical operations to eliminate and clear bodily fluids that may obstruct the view of the surgical site. For this reason, the distal end of the tube contains a piece that is attached to a suction machine in order to provide the suction power for the instrument to perform. The other end contains a long tube that has an 8.0 mm wide tip, which allows it to extract greater amount of fluid away from the area.

Double-Ended Probe

Double-Ended Probe stainless steel Double-Ended Probe is made from stainless steel to assist in the longevity of the instrument. This probe has blunt ends on each side and can be used to enter small openings in the body during general surgeries to retrieve information such as depth or size. This information can be used to determine whether foreign bodies or other issues exist.

Double-Ended Probe – Silver

Double-Ended Probe - Silver sterling silver Double-Ended Probe is made from sterling silver material to be better fitted for general purposes due to its hardness. Additionally, the blunt points on either end help to examine body cavities or tissues without trauma. Depending on the type or location of the examination, this probe is offered in several lengths.

Frazier Suction Tube

Frazier Suction Tube angled, w/ finger cut-off, 4" (10.2 cm) working length Frazier Suction Tube has an angled tube and is available in a variety of different sizes and widths depending on the operation. This tube has a finger cut-off on a 4" working length and performs similar to a pump with a suction force. The purpose of this suction force is to be used in general operations in which materials or fluid, typically blood, need to be removed to provide a cleaner working area.

Frazier Suction Tube – Extra-Long

Frazier Suction Tube - Extra-Long extra-long, angled, w/ finger cut-off, 7-1/8" (18.1 cm) working length Frazier Suction Tube is an extra-long style consisting of a 7 1/8" working length. The handle contains a finger cut-off to rest the finger on, and the tube is angled near the base. The intended purpose of this instrument is to eliminate the operating area of any fluids or substances that may be present so that the surgeon is provided with a clear view. Thus, the suction tube may be used for general surgeries and even gynecological procedures.

Frazier Suction Tube – Semi-Rigid W/ Slot

Frazier Suction Tube - Semi-Rigid W/ Slot angled, semi-rigid w/ slot, 5-1/2" (14.0 cm) working length Frazier Suction Tube is semi-rigid with a slot on the handle. The tube is angled and is primarily utilized during general surgeries to remove any fluids or blood that may occupy the surgical site obstructing the surgeon's view. In this case, the thin diameter of the tube, in addition to the 5 ½" length, is able to enter small areas that require matter to be eliminated.

Frazier Suction Tube Stylet

Frazier Suction Tube Stylet Frazier Suction Tube Stylet is a thin wire device that serves the purpose of clearing any contents that remain inside the Frazier Suction Tube. All of the sizes offered of this stylet are specifically designed to enter each of the various sizes and thickness of the Angled Frazier Suction Tube with finger cut-off and 4" working length.

Gallbladder Trocar

Gallbladder Trocar 6" (15.2 cm) Ochsner Gallbladder Trocar is a 6" long instrument and is available in various French circumferences. With the help of a sharp point, the main purpose of this trocar is to drain a fluid-filled cavity. For example, if any pus or mucus resides in the gallbladder, this instrument is able to withdraw that liquid.

Grooved Director & Tongue Tie – Probe Point

Grooved Director & Tongue Tie - Probe Point stainless steel, probe point Grooved Director and Tongue Tie is a stainless steel instrument that contains a probe point on one end typically used to examine the mouth in young children. The other end consists of a flat butterfly-shaped end. In frenotomy procedures that require stabilizing the tongue, the grooved director can assist in this process and provide a better view for the surgeon. Different sizes are available to accommodate different cases.

Mayo Vein Stripper

Mayo Vein Stripper 15-3/8" (39.0 cm) Mayo Vein Stripper is 15 3/8" long instrument with a short grip handle and a long rod with a circular jaw. This vein stripper is typically used in procedures that require the removal of varicose veins because the use of this instrument is quicker and there are fewer infections that appear on the patient. Multiple inner diameters of the ring are available according to the type of vein that needs to be stripped.