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Large Screw Depth Gauge

Large Screw Depth Gauge up to 100.0 mm, 8-3/4" (22.2 cm) Large Screw Depth Gauge is a measuring tool that can be used in a variety of surgical procedures. This instrument is specifically designed to measure the depth of a hole to determine how deep it is. Additionally it is crafted to be used in conjunction with large screws. This gauage can measure up to 100 mm making it suitable for a variety of surgical applications.

Lead Hand

Lead HandLead Hand is an instrument specifically designed for use in procedures that require surgical intervention for the hand. This lead hand can serve as a simple holding device that allows the surgeon comfortable access to any area of the hand. It features a silhouette of the hand with some additionally spokes ensuring it to be a perfect fit for any surgical approach. This lead hand is available in both adult and child sizes.

Raney Scalp Clip Applying Forceps

Raney Scalp Clip Applying Forceps Raney Scalp Clip Applying Forceps are instruments crafted for use alongside scalp clips. These forceps are used in conjunction with scalp clips to provide hemostatis of the edges of scalp flaps. This can be useful to prevent large amounts of blood from bleeding out of the patient as well as from pooling in certain regions of the scalp. This instrument is available as the applying forceps as well as 10 Raney Reusable Scalp clips.

Townley Femur Caliper

Townley Femur Caliper 4" (10.2 cm) Townley Femur Caliper is a measurement device intended for use in orthopedic surgical procedures. This instrument itself measures 4" long and is crafted for use in accurate measurements of the femur. These calipers features two parallel prongs which can be situation on either side of the femur and from the markings the width of the femur can be determined.